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The Young Driver Experience

Learning to drive in a safe environment

The concept of learning to drive in a safe environment is already quite an old one and has been law in some European countries across the Channel for many years.On holiday in Denmark, Charles stumbled upon this amazing idea by chance. Married to a Danish girl and on holiday visiting the in-laws, his father-in-law took him to a Danish driving school.


Charles was fascinated by the fact that the students all had to spend a certain amount of time in the so called ‘PlayPen’ (safe driving environment) before being allowed out on a busy road. This is the law in Denmark.


On his return home to the UK he said to Lesley; ‘We need an off-road driving centre!’


We have now had this training facility for over 6 years and it has not only established itself as a great asset to the Company but Mercedes, and the AA, also now offer Younger Driver Training, all saying that “This is the way to go in the future!”


In our experience, and over these last few years, we feel it has proven itself in almost all cases to reduce the number of lessons needed to learn to drive on-road. It gives students the possibility to gain confidence, and full control of the vehicle, before having to deal with busy traffic on-road. Our off-road centre is one of a few of its kind in the UK offering all aspects of driver training including:

Cockpit Drill and Controls Lesson, Approaching and Turning, T-Junctions, Crossroads, Complex Junctions, Hill Start, Forward and Reverse Slalom, Garage Park, Parallel Park, Turn-in-the-road, Left and Right Reverse, Bay Parking, Emergency Stop, Roundabouts and much more….


Pro-Driver Training Centre has a proper road layout and cars set up especially for this purpose. Lovingly called the ‘PlayPen’ - it is unique in its diversity.

All PRO-Driver students (no age restriction) have the advantage of using our Off-Road Driver Training facility at Ellough Airfield in Beccles.

This is a unique possibility to learn to drive in a safe environment. Learn to control the car with no stress at all.

The centre is for everybody. It can offer life changing opportunities and support to anybody, from the young to the old, to those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

All students under the age of 15 must sign our Pro-Driver disclaimer form (See below). Students must be a minimum of 1.41m in height to participate.

The Play Pen


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