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Learning Intensively is not for everyone but for those of you who want to learn quickly it is a great option to get on road quickly.

Most Intensive schools offer 5 Day Courses, which are great if you already have experience behind the wheel. However if you are a novice these courses will only offer you a bare minimum of around 20 hours of in car driving and will cost a lot and not make you a safe driver.

If you have experience we will be happy to assess your driving skills and quote the amount of hours needed for you to become a safe driver and pass your test.

If you are a novice driver, we have designated 'Intensive' Instructors who can teach you quickly over a 2.5 week period with a 48 hour intensive course and a test at the end of the second week.

This course is designed to make you a safe and competent driver in a short period of time.

It's double the length of time you would get on a five day course and will cost around the same.

Remember safety is the most important thing when learning to drive a car, not just to pass your test quickly.

Be safe, not sorry.